Busy busy week!

We spent almost all of it either preparing for the painters or living in a construction zone while the painters worked from Monday morning until late Thursday. We picked a light gray for almost everything (SW Repose Gray) and a slightly deeper gray for the kitchen and bathrooms (SW Dorian Grey). They also painted all of the doors and trim and ceilings and holy moly it’s amazing how good it looks! Once the house is put back together I’ll post some pictures.

We had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking good. I’ve gained about 35 pounds…way more than I intended to, but still not too bad. My blood pressure was also much better this time – 132/78! For someone who has dealt with hypertension – and white coat hypertension – and freak yourself out and raise your BP hypertension – I’ll take any good reading! When we left, Shane again complimented me on how well I’m/we’re doing. It’s been a pretty hellish 8 months in general so I’ll take whatever I can get. Thankfully, I’m ultimately feeling good. The foot swelling is uncomfortable and hurts a lot. I’m not a fan of how tired I am or that I need help standing. But otherwise, I feel great!

On Friday night, our flooring order was finally in, so we went to Lowe’s to pick it up. It’s vinyl planks with a blue/gray trim that will look really nice with the new walls. Hopefully that will be installed before long but the good news is that it’ll be done in one day and will be far less obtrusive than having our entire house painted for four. Our rocker/recliner should be here Wednesday, which is super exciting for one half of this duo (betcha can’t guess which one!) and our beautiful nursery furniture should be here in a couple of weeks! We had a really hard time picking it out, but we love it and can’t wait to get it here and assembled for the nursery!

Finally, I also had my first dream about the baby. He was teeny tiny, with teeny tiny features – and a pig nose. Not a snout, but the two little holes. He was also able to talk to me, kind of. He told me that a girl had come with him to see me…I asked if it was his sister (thinking maybe we were talking about another embryo) and he shrugged and repeated what he’d said. It was strange but it did what I assume dreams like that are supposed to do – freaked me out and put us into full on baby prep mode! (As if we weren’t already…)

This week, Eugene is the size of a durian (whatever that is!), at 18.92” and 4.6 pounds. He feels like it too! Before now, the wedge pillow I have to go with my Snoogle was just for extra padding – now it’s a necessity to hold his 4.6 pounds up!

(This week’s picture had to happen downstairs as the upstairs bathroom is still under construction…but you can see our brand new toilet – and the paint color!)

4 responses to “Week 33”

  1. You look amazing
    You need to rest with your feet up not long. I cant believe how the time has flown by. Have you moved or renovating. Inbox your address so I can send something from Australia. Lots of love Pat.xxx


    • I know – us too! I’ve been doing a better job of putting my feet up this week and they look a lot better – and feel a lot better! We haven’t moved yet – just getting the house ready to be a rental so that when a house shows up on the market, we can move! xoxoxo


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