This was easily one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while. From issues with the remodel to baby furniture debacles, to just a really long school week – I’m thankful that it’s over!

We started the week with our family pumpkin carving day at Emily and Chris’ house. We had good stuff to eat and good fun working on our masterpieces. Chris came behind each of us and cleaned up our designs – you can see way below what we actually came up with – not too shabby!

Ghost = Emily; Witch = Tonia; Big Owl = Chris; Scary Tree = Shane; Little Owl = Alison

We elected to not carve the Eugene or Sadie pumpkins so they’re just nice accents to the big ones!

We also had some furniture drama this week too. First, we discovered that the lovely rocker recliner won’t fit in the nursery. Insert face palm here. It does, however, fit in the living room, so Shane will be able to rock his son there. As you can see below, he and Sadie do not mind having the recliner in the living room. Tough life for both of them.


On Monday, BuyBuyBaby called and let us know that our dresser and hutch were in. That was the same night that we were working on shuffling our bedrooms around. If you’ll recall, we switched so Eugene will have the bigger bedroom since he has more furniture than we do. As we were switching, we wanted to measure the area for the pack and play to be sure it would fit where we wanted it. Rather than hauling my pregnant butt to the garage to take measurements, I just went on the registry to look it up. When I opened the registry, it let me know that another piece of furniture had been purchased. I knew that had to be a mistake because the relatives who would purchase something big have already been tapped out…turns out, Buy Buy Baby ordered the wrong dresser. They sent a tall, not a wide one. That’s fine, except that we wanted the hutch to go with it…that won’t work on a tall piece of furniture! In the process of finding that out, we asked the store manager about the status of our crib…and discovered that the crib we wanted is a different gray than the other furniture. WHAT?! Same company, same line…two grays? Who does that?! After many hours of back and forth between the company and my lovely husband, we decided to swap the crib for the one without the built in changer so that all of the grays would match. Easy solution…but with a long wait! We won’t have the furniture until the first week of December – right around the time that Lil Eug is due! The good news is that Shane was pushy enough that we got free delivery to the house ($100/item normally!) and free assembly ($50/item). All is well…but we need to put stuff away!!

We also started on freezer meals – with the lasagna I’m assembling below. We have three meals ready and hopefully will have a bunch more by the time baby arrives! We also took our tour of Hillcrest, where I will deliver this rapidly growing babe. I haven’t been in the main part of the hospital so it was nice for me to see exactly where we’ll be. We were a little disappointed in the lack of warm decor, but as my doctor pointed out, at least in a stark white environment, any lack of cleanliness is super obvious!

This week also started November, which is also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer gets a ton of attention thanks to the genius marketing of Susan G. Komen, but unfortunately, the deadliest cancer in the world doesn’t get the same attention. I was complaining to Shane about that and he said THEN WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Turns out, there’s an organization dedicated to raising awareness, so we’re committing to drawing our family and friends’ attention to the disease in order to help fulfill the mission of PanCan – to double the survival rate of Pancreatic Cancer by 2020. #TeamCox is committed! And we can’t wait for Eugene to wear this onesie:

ThingsVerySpecial on Etsy

This week, Eugene was the size of a box of cookies at approximately 19.5 inches and – yep sure does feel like it – about five pounds! He’s just filling out at this point…though if my husband’s genes are any indication, I’m guessing he will be longer than that when he makes his entrance! (PS: shoutout to my friend Stephanie for the Mike Wazowski shirt below – lots of Halloween compliments!! Thanks girl!)

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