Whew! So much happened this week – I’m glad I have lots of pictures to share otherwise I’m sure I’d have forgotten most of it! 😂

On Saturday morning, Em, Shane, and I drove south to Athens to see Nanny and meet our newest family member, our cousin Wilfred Henry! It was a super exciting day. We spent some time with Nanny, heard some pretty fantastic stories, and made our way over to Andy and Michelle’s house to meet their son! OMG what a cutie! You’ll have to take my word for it though – that’s for his mommy and daddy to share pictures. Trust me – he’s adorable. We had lunch and some baby time and my wonderful cousin gave Shane some Daddy lessons. Super Aunt Katie is there to help them so we had the added bonus of seeing a ton of family at once! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – we are blessed to have such a wonderful family and I’m so glad that Eugene will have the same. (And a cousin four-ish weeks apart in age! How awesome is that?)

Alison, Nanny, and Emily

And onto the home improvement updates…we moved the flooring into the house to acclimate early in the week (Sadie was clearly a fan) and tested out the colors (see below the Sadie picture). The flooring people came on Thursday and gave our house its final makeover (for now). It seriously looks like a new house. Since April with the new windows, we’ve gone from 1996 to 2017! This poor house has needed some attention so I’m glad we were able to provide it! Next to the flooring pictures, there’s two of our upstairs bathroom – you can see the amazing gray on the walls, new mirror, new light fixture, new floor – we are happy!

When we were visiting with the cousins, Shane decided that we needed a true changing station in the living room. I disagreed, arguing that we could use a changing pad and a basket with essentials. He reminded me of his height and of the lovely setup that Andy and Michelle had going for their babe. We talked a lot about it on Saturday evening, with me being completely unconvinced, until we settled on the setup you see below. A piece of furniture that isn’t 100% baby related (I’m working hard at not having too many “one and done” items around – we just don’t have the room for something that isn’t multifunctional!) but will suit our baby needs while it’s baby time. Not a terrible compromise – and it looks good!

My lovely co-workers had a sprinkle for me this week too – very low key and very, very sweet – just how I like things! 🙂 The cake was amazing – Casa Dolce (and Aunt Juliana) did not disappoint!

Shane’s fabulous mom returned from Florida in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. She flew in on Wednesday, stayed with us that night, and got to hang out with Shane and see the final transformation on the house – lucky her! 🙂 While she was here, she added to the pampering that I get from Shane and wrapped my poor feet in an ice pack – OMG life changing! They get so swollen and so hot by the end of the school day that ice feels SO GOOD. We’re excited to have her home every time she returns from Florida, but this time, it’s particularly special for so many reasons! (That’s my feet all wrapped up in ice below!)


And, finally, we saw Wicked at Playhouse Square with the Ringlers on Thursday night! The show was wonderful – the people we sat around and my restless legs during Act II were not. We had some lovely young ladies behind us who thought they were in charge of the surround sound – we shut down the singing with some shushing, dirty looks, and scolding (take a guess at which one came from the pregnant lady!) and then were able to enjoy the show! (Except for those dang restless legs – Shane was not my biggest fan while I tried – so unsuccessfully! – to get comfortable.)

This week Eug is about 20.5″ long and 6.3 pounds. (It will be so interesting to see how close these measurements have been once he arrives!) And that’s it! It’s been a busy one – and next week will be no different with Thanksgiving and family fun!


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