Weeks 11 and 12

  • Wonder Week #3: We are coming out of Wonder Week #3, “Smooth Transitons.” A lot happens then, from tracking us or objects all around, to moving his head smoothly as he does so, to noticing things – like ceiling fans – and laughing when he likes these new objects, to grabbing more deliberately. Unfortunately, with it came forgetting how to sleep through the night. He started waking up once around a week ago, then the amount of times increased until he woke up three times on Saturday night! Nooooo sir! Thankfully he was back to “normal” on Sunday night with nine hours. Who knew Shane’s habit of sleeping forever when I met him would become a trait I would appreciate in someone else? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Rollin’ Front to Back: on February 28, he rolled from front to back! Ok so that’s basically falling, but he did it and we were so excited! I had just been lamenting that I know I’m going to miss something while I’m at work and that nothing good happens in the evening when he’s had enough of being fun and cute and is grouchy and looks like Winston Churchill instead of my cute little boy… And then he did it. And then he did it again! We had him do it three times in a row to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Part of me is excited for the next milestone but part of me is really loving how immobile he is! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Back to Work: This sucked, to be blunt. I’m adjusting but it’s hard! I really want to avoid bringing any work home (GOOD LUCK) so I’ve been going in extra early each day when Liam is still asleep but that isn’t my productive time. I also have a ton to catch up on, so right now it’s hard to get ahead. I may not for the rest of the school year and I’m just going to have to be ok with that! Shane has been home with him since I went back and has been amazing. Before Liam started sleeping through, he got up with every single feeding (except one night that he was sick – and I had to be mean to him and shut the nursery door in his face to get him to go to bed!), he changes diapers without flinching (as well he should, right? He was pretty convinced that he would be disgusted but it was he who jumped right in at the hospital and hasn’t slowed down!), he plays with the baby for hours on end…I knew he’d be good, but he amazes me in ways I didn’t expect.

  • Aunts and Uncles: He also has, as I’ve said so many times, a plethora of aunts and uncles (in addition to his own personal aunties) but many of them are so far away. I hope he learns the excitement of auntie and uncle visits, just like I did over the years. He got a special one – his Auntie Cindy, Dad’s sister – during these two weeks. She was always one of the “fun ones” when I was growing up (still is!!!!!) and I’m excited for him to know her in the same way. He also got to spend more time with more fun ones – his future BFFs – Great Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy – too. I had a serious chat with my aunts and uncles after Dad passed that Liam needs them and so do Emmy and I so they better plan to be around and be important – and they absolutely are.

  • Car Show: We go every year, for better or for worse, so of course Liam had to get in on the action. It was how it always is, but it was nice to spend the time with Emily and Chris and to get more practice at taking him out. I made the mistake, however, of giving him the one bottle we brought while we were at the show – and then he melted down while we were driving and I had nothing to shove in his mouth until we got back to their house to feed him. Oops. He also slept SO MUCH throughout the day…and then woke up THREE TIMES. How do you go from nine hours of sleep a night to waking up three times?! Like we say to him a lot…good thing he’s cute!

And that’s about it! I can’t believe that we will be celebrating three months of Liam (officially, on the 12th) in just a few days. It feels like we’ve always had him – a friend told me that means he fits right in – there are no truer words!

(๐Ÿ“ธ: Auntie Tonia)

2 responses to “Weeks 11 and 12”

  1. So Darn Cute. Alison in everyone of these photo’s you posted I see so much of your Mum and you.
    Love you


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