This month, the big story is that Liam started daycare. In the very beginning, we talked to Shane’s mom about helping us with childcare just for the first few months between my return to school and summer vacation. She generously offered to keep watching him until she returned to Florida in October. So, the time came, and she flew south and he spread his wings and started “school”! We’re really thankful that we found a place that we love and that it’s close to home. When Liam was really tiny, we did some visiting and loved some didn’t love others but the place that we felt was the closest to what we were able to provide ourselves (only, let’s be honest, better!) is Papillion Enrichment Center. He started at the beginning of October and took a couple of weeks to adjust, but from the beginning, he was comfortable in the setting and really, what more can I ask? We’re happy with his teachers and with the center in general, which makes all of this so much easier!

There he is in his classroom!

Finding his Rhythm: This kid LOVES music! His teachers asked me one day if he loves to dance at home as much as he does at school and – duh – but it never even occurred to me that his little movements were DANCING! Anyway – here’s his moves:

As with every month, there were also lots of fun activities and lots of people to meet! I mentioned that we didn’t love The Great Trail Festival anymore, but we do still love Yankee Peddler – which is somewhat similar, but much bigger and much closer and even has a family connection! My parents took me there when I was a little older than Liam and I got my first bee sting! Thankfully that experience wasn’t genetic. We had more fun with Uncle Tim, got to meet Aunt Becky & Uncle Ronnie and his cousin Ronnie, and Aunt Kelly & Andy, saw Aunt Tammy, and Liam crawled inside of a stool and got mad. All in all, a great month!

From Steps to Walking: We’re crediting this one to daycare and chasing older kids around. We went from taking steps for a while to full on walking – right after he started school. All of his milestones have been exciting but this one was incredible to watch. Before we moved in mid-June, he couldn’t even move forward and now, not even three months later, he’s WALKING. Amazing.

Southern Family: Liam also got to spend a weekend with Shane’s southern support system: Kevin, Trixie, and Sarah (missing Mary Beth and Ashley!!). We had a fun weekend of spending a lot of time together, touring Shane’s stomping grounds, watching football, and visiting the Rock Hall. Most importantly, they got lots and lots of Liam time!

Another Date Night: We opened the floodgates of date night by asking for help (THANKS FAMILY) and got to go out a few times to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We made our annual trip to Adam Hall, the site of our wedding and specifically to the exact spot we said our vows, had a really, REALLY tasty dinner at Sharon James Winery, the site of our rehearsal dinner, and just had a great time reconnecting with each other as a couple.

And that’s the end of Month #10 with our gorgeous baby boy! As I feel like I say each month, this year is absolutely FLYING. He is becoming more and more fun and more and more into a little person every day!

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