Sad and Thrilled

As I sit here in the Toronto Airport, I’m both sad and thrilled. Sad because this adventure is coming to a close. We have truly had the time of our lives – we have seen and done some amazing things – and the best part is that we did them together. We didn’t fight, didn’t complain (…except about our feet and calves sometimes…), and didn’t do anything that wasn’t supportive of each other and in the best interest of our adventure. I’m so proud of us. Travel can bring out the worst in people – I’ve seen it! – but it can also bring out the best. And that’s why I’m also thrilled. Continue reading


Our first destination is Ireland – the country we know the least about! Shane and I both have Irish roots via our paternal grandfathers so we both had dreams of visiting the Emerald Isle, but still know very little about what to do, where to go, etc.

We are starting in Dublin when we first arrive. As I mentioned in the previous post, we are staying in Dun Laoghaire (Dun Leery), a suburb of Dublin, because Rick Steves recommended it as a home base – and it’s cheaper than staying in the city. There is a light rail system (the DART) that will take us right into the city, and a bus (Air Coach) that will take us right to our hotel from the Dublin Airport. Winner Winner!

Our Dublin-area stay will be four days, then another half day at the end of the trip. We’ve read that the city doesn’t take much time, so now we’ll have time to branch out. So far we’re thinking… Continue reading

Honeymoon 2014

Hello! I’m Alison and I’ll be the Brennen blogging most frequently. My husband of eight and a half months and I are in the process of planning our honeymoon to Ireland and England – and could not be more excited about it! I’m a teacher so we knew that getting married in September would limit our honeymoon opportunities, but thankfully, after a number of failed attempts, we have been rewarded with a fabulous adventure! Continue reading