Sad and Thrilled

As I sit here in the Toronto Airport, I’m both sad and thrilled. Sad because this adventure is coming to a close. We have truly had the time of our lives – we have seen and done some amazing things – and the best part is that we did them together. We didn’t fight, didn’t complain (…except about our feet and calves sometimes…), and didn’t do anything that wasn’t supportive of each other and in the best interest of our adventure. I’m so proud of us. Travel can bring out the worst in people – I’ve seen it! – but it can also bring out the best. And that’s why I’m also thrilled.

I’ve seen Shane blossom on this trip. His eyes have been opened in the way that only happens when you see for yourself that the world is TINY and is full of people just like us who do things the same way and also do things completely differently. I’ve seen him become open to new ideas, new experiences, and a new outlook on life.

I’ve also seen our relationship blossom in a new way. I’ve always loved Shane, obviously, but I have grown to love and respect him in a new way after this experience – on a new level. His willingness to try new things in a new place has strengthened both of us. I’m proud of him and proud of us.

So I am sad. And I’m thrilled. And I can’t wait to do it again – somewhere new!

Good morning Dublin Airport! This was the view from our last night hotel – The Radisson Blu Dublin Airport. It’s a great hotel if you’re looking for something close to the airport. With public transportation as easy as it is at the airport, it’s a snap to get back and forth too.
Bed at the Radisson Blu Dublin Airport
Desk area at the Radisson Blu Dublin Airport
Fancy closet area at the Radisson Blu Dublin Airport. California Closets style – super nice!
We ended up in an accessible room which worked out great! Lots of room and bars to keep you from sliding all over the wet floor (note the size of the shower door…)
Last full Irish at the airport. Yum yum!
Our Air Canada Rouge plane – and the rain.
So sad to be leaving…
And of course so happy to be together. (and with lots of leg room!)
The Irish Fields of Green. Gorgeous.
Lunch on the plane – not too bad! The salad was nasty, but the rest was quite palatable!
This might take supersonic vision, but that’s our first sight of lane in North America!
Flowers from our very fabulous chauffeurs (Mom and Hank) when we arrived back in Cleveland.

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