Munching in Munich

When we left Grödig today, we decided to check out the gondola included in the price of our Salzburg card. The Salzburg card, by the way, is similar to the London Pass we used last summer – pay once and see nearly everything for free! So we headed over there and had a fantastic view of the clouds…the rain and clouds prevented our view, but we did enjoy being on a gondola again!

After that, we made our way to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.

We spent a couple of hours walking the grounds, reading about the war and the camp itself, seeing the reconstructed barracks…it’s all very moving and very emotional and honestly, all things considered, very well done. For me, in addition to the huge questions of “why” and “how” my question about Dachau is how in the world the people of this city ignored what was happening in their backyards?! This is not a camp far away from anything – it’s in the town! I was very pleased to see that the American GIs who liberated the camp forced the citizens of Dachau to walk through the camp and look at the dead. To allow something as horrific as that to happen in your own city is beyond comprehensible to me but I was proud that, first, it was Americans who liberated the camp, and two, that they saw the same thing I did – and did something about it.


We had to cut our visit short because we had to check in to our AirBnB so we headed out and found the spot! Our host, Enrico, has a lovely apartment right on the tram line, one mile from the Hirschgarten (Munich’s largest beer garden) and 10 minutes to the center of the city. The apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining table, balcony, and most importantly, a washing machine! That was priority #1 and once we took care of the chore, we set out for the Hirschgarten. It’s a one mile walk away so we earned some of our dinner 🙂


The Hirschgarten is also home to an animal preserve with tons of deer and goats – go figure! We saw a neighborhood guy drive in the herd with snacks – wow! I see deer every day at home, but this was pretty cool! Even cooler? There’s an Aldi down the street. Love it!

Until tomorrow!

2 responses to “Munching in Munich”

  1. So the rain & clouds were back again at the start of your day 😦 but I’m sure it is fun riding a gondola anyway! What you described about seeing the concentration camp is so heart wrenching no doubt, but UNBELIEVABLE to me as well that it happened in a town, shame on those citizens and Amazing what the American GI’s did!!! That piece of art really captured the horror of that place. What is the pic of the stone boxes, the burial sites? WOW, after visiting there you guys really did need to hit the beer garden…hope Chris’s stomach was up for it by now 😉 the Air BnB sounds really nice and who would guess you could be so excited to see a washer 😉 Props to Aldi’s too, ranks right up there with the washer huh!!! Yep, til tomorrow, Love ya’s Nite Nite XOXOXOXO


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