Time Traveling

Another travel day – this time it was a travel day through time!

First things first – we checked out of our AirBnB and drove just a few miles to Nymphenburg Palace, another of, yep, you guessed it, Ludwig’s! This time it was where he was born – so cool! We saw a very small portion of the building itself but what we saw was nothing short of gorgeous. If you’re keeping score, we’ve seen his burial place, fantasy castle, only completed castle, childhood home…and now, the actual room where he was born! I feel like we’re buds with him now! Seriously, it’s been really interesting to follow one king around to lots of places to learn all about him. Now to find out what happened to him in the end…maybe next trip!

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Surprises Around Every Corner

What a great day!

We started this morning at the Residenz, Munich’s royal palace. There’s lots of construction going on so we did miss a few things, but we also saw a lot. If you’ve been following our trip, you’ve seen a trend in who’s been featured at specific museums. Part of the reason that we really wanted to see the Residenz is that we wanted to follow King Ludwig II around some more! 🙂 Nine years ago when Emmy and I saw this palace last, it was so difficult to enjoy or appreciate anything because everything was in German with no translation. This time, everything is written twice and there was an English audio guide – much better!! This certainly isn’t my favorite palace, but it is definitely grand! The rooms were fancy, the halls were beautiful, and the royal chapel was exquisite. While we were visiting that room, the guard, who was also American, shared a tip with us for the English Garden. He suggested that, rather than visiting the Chinese Tower for lunch, that we walk further into the park to the Seehaus for a better experience. And so we did!

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Tour Guides Barbie and Ken

Today we had the best tour guides – Tour Guide Barbie and Tour Guide Ken, though sometimes he went by his other alias, Hasselhof!

Emily and Shane took turns leading us around Munich today via Rick Steves’ self-guided tour. It was an awesome day! We started out with our first tram ride through the city to the pedestrian zone and did some shopping. Chris’ raincoat wasn’t cutting it so we went into a sporting goods store and spent some time shopping and exploring. Daily “chores” are always so interesting in other places – so similar and yet so different.

Then Tour Guide Barbie took over the itinerary and lead us all over. We saw so much it’s hard to recall all of it! I loved seeing the Viktualienmarkt and all of the churches. We saw four today – St. Peter’s, St. Michael’s, Frauenkirche, and Asamkirche. All so beautiful in completely different ways. The Frauenkirche may be Munich’s iconic symbol, but it’s dull looking in comparison to the Baroque  explosion of Asamkirche! St. Michael’s was really nice…but way cool because it’s also the family church of King Ludwig II, the Bavarian king we’ve been chasing all over for a week! (More to come tomorrow!!) This church is also his final resting place – the family crypt was beautiful in its creepy way.

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Munching in Munich

When we left Grödig today, we decided to check out the gondola included in the price of our Salzburg card. The Salzburg card, by the way, is similar to the London Pass we used last summer – pay once and see nearly everything for free! So we headed over there and had a fantastic view of the clouds…the rain and clouds prevented our view, but we did enjoy being on a gondola again!

After that, we made our way to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.

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